Sugar Golf 2023 G1 - Premium Golf Balls - Single Cube - 27 balls (Shipped from the UK within 2 -3 days)
Sugar Golf 2023 G1 - Premium Golf Balls - Single Cube - 27 balls (Shipped from the UK within 2 -3 days)
Sugar Golf 2023 G1 - Premium Golf Balls - Single Cube - 27 balls (Shipped from the UK within 2 -3 days)
Sugar Golf 2023 G1 - Premium Golf Balls - Single Cube - 27 balls (Shipped from the UK within 2 -3 days)
Sugar Golf 2023 G1 - Premium Golf Balls - Single Cube - 27 balls (Shipped from the UK within 2 -3 days)
Sugar Golf 2023 G1 - Premium Golf Balls - Single Cube - 27 balls (Shipped from the UK within 2 -3 days)

Sugar Golf 2023 G1 - Premium Golf Balls - Single Cube - 27 balls (Shipped from the UK within 2 -3 days)

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What Sets Sugar Golf Balls Apart?

The Sugar Cube.


They eliminate the typical nonsense and put all the value in what matters. No wasteful sleeves or duplicated packaging.

Premium 3-piece urethane golf balls. Manufactured at the same factories as the big brands you already know… sold to you at the lowest price on the market.

Designed to compete with Titleist ProV1, Callaway Hex Chrome, Vice Pro, and other major tour balls.

Manufactured to maximize your control and feel, all without sacrificing distance.

Lowest all-in price-per-ball in its product category. The Sugar golf ball is manufactured using a proprietary, injection-moulded process designed to increase the durability of the urethane while maintaining a soft feel.


USGA & R&A certified.

The ball features a soft and resilient core, a fast mantle to boost speed off the club face, consistent spin / control, and a low-drag, aerodynamic, seamless dimple design.

The Sugar golf ball is designed to obtain the perfect balance of distance, control, and feel. That said, Sugar know you still want to hit bombs. So they created a ball that outperforms the Titleist ProV1 in head-to-head robo-swing distance testing.

Utilizing a swing robot at two speed settings (high: 112.8 mph, low: 71.8 mph), the Sugar golf UK ball registered higher ball speed off the tee, as well as increased carry and overall distance as compared to the ProV1.

In the same comparative testing, the Sugar golf ball was shown to achieve greater launch heights than the 2020 ProV1 at reduced driver spin rates. Sugar’s wedge spin rates as compared to the ProV1 were demonstrated to be slightly higher in the head-to-head testing.

Sugar’s Smash Factor (the ratio of ball speed to clubhead speed) are as good, if not superior to the ProV1.

Put simply, the Sugar golf ball is the best deal – if not the best ball – in golf.



Sugar Golf™ Ball - 27 Day No Questions Return Policy
We know what ball you play with is an extremely personal choice and that making a change is a big decision. That’s why we offer a 27 day no questions returns policy. Click Here.

Bringing these game changing balls to the UK golf ball market, EGN Golf are proud to have been appointed sole UK Distributor for SugarGolf™ .

TITLEIST® and ProV1® are registered trademarks of Acushnet Company.

Sugar Golf, LLC or EGN Golf Ltd are not affiliated with Acushnet Company.

For more information on Sugar Golf™ please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Good quality as always

Jonathan Mercer
Sugar golf ball

Put simply - very pleased. The ball is certainly quick off the face, but with good feel - I can feel the core compressing and reacting, with clear communication of strike quality. Good control of trajectory, with a penetrating flight that I like. Performs well off both metal and persimmon woods, and off the blades. I'm finding good spin control and stoppability. As a bonus, the ball is definitely durable - I've deliberately used the same ball for 18 holes and around 300 practice shots in the net and it is still very presentable and usable. Admittedly the grooves on my clubs are no doubt kinder than some, but all the same I hit the ball hard so that durability is pretty impressive. So, I am impressed by this ball and pleased to say it provides top-tier performance and excellent value.

Hi Jonathan. Thanks for this great review. It’s good to hear the Sugar is kind to your persimmon clubs and are you are getting the kind of feel you had hoped for when purchasing. As for the durability, that is some endorsement. All the best and happy golfing. Alex, EGN Golf

Matt Hill
Great balls, great price!

I have been playing the Sugar ball for a few weeks now and I have been very impressed... it feels and performs every bit as good as a much more expensive Tour balls. I have compared it with TP5 and Pro V1 balls which I have used often and the performance in all areas is totally comparable with these top of the range balls! There really is nothing I am disappointed with in the performance from the Sugar ball. Also the simple cardboard box reduces unnecessary packaging and all at a lower price.

Gary Wright
Trial Pack

Received the trial pack and used them firstly on the short game area versus a Pro V1 and a Snell MTX-B.

Ball felt brilliant off the club face and spun better than the other two. I use a Yurui wedge with grooves that could cut a diamond! Ball was in great nick after the shots.

Took it onto the course and it perfomed far better than expected. I play e links course in Aberdeen and it was easy to keep the ball low or launch it when need be.

Away to place an order!!!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed review Gary. The comparison details are particularly interesting. Thanks for indicating you are going to order some more and we hope you continue to find the balls perform so well. All the best, Alex, Director EGN Golf

Iain Buchanan
Excellent golf balls

Just been using Sugar golf balls following a recommendation from a friend. Usually play with AD333 but found the Sugar performed better. Driving distance improved, great with my irons and they generally fly well. Use the alignment line on every putt; grey addition and saves having to draw a line in the ball. Fully intend to make these my go to in future.

Hi Iain, Thanks for the review and great to hear you'll be joining the crowd playing the Sugar ball. All the best, Alex, Director EGN Golf