The Luck of the Claw

I really do believe in fate. I also recognise quality when I see it. So when I was sent an original Claw golf glove by CaddyDaddy Co-founder Rod Dunlap, I knew this was an opportunity that I had to act on.

EGN Golf was founded in the summer of 2020, some 4 months after I’d received my Claw glove. Having trialled it for Rod in the slightly unfamiliar British spring time (CaddyDaddy are based in the desert in Arizona), I was sold. This glove was something special. So when I enquired into where I could buy one in the U.K. and found out it wasn’t stocked over here, my brain headed into overdrive.

Having travelled the world with my day job and having met many people with their own independent golf brands, it dawned on me that there were independently produced products out there that could bring so much to the U.K. golf market. The CaddyDaddy Claw was the spark that lit the fire and EGN Golf was born out of that chance online encounter.

There is no doubt the Claw is brilliant. Durable, breathable and with superior grip and feel, it is light years ahead of any golf glove I’d ever worn before. The CaddyDaddy sales pitch suggests the glove last 3-5 times longer than a competitors leather glove. My previous experience was that I would need a new leather glove every 6-8 rounds. Holes routinely appeared on the thumb or forefinger, or worse, suffered a soggy demise after a particularly wet day on the links. My Claw lasted from April until November, surviving over 70 rounds and range sessions. When I did finally change it, it was more of an aesthetic change than a functional one, the grip side still worked just fine.

So we are proud to partner with CaddyDaddy as the sole company bringing this special product to the U.K. market. Now available in 4 different styles, the Claw is growing in popularity in the U.K. as people realise, like I did, that golf gloves can be so much better.

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