EGN Xmas Masters Pack

EGN Xmas Masters Pack

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This pack combines some of our best selling products across our innovative global golf range. Combining the 27 ball Sugar ‘Cube’ with the Short Game Gains Start Line String and Path Perfector training aids. Finally, just because it’s Xmas, we throw in a pack of our bamboo golf tees. There are going to be some happy golfers out there! 

What Sets Sugar Golf Balls Apart?

The Sugar Cube.


They eliminate the typical nonsense and put all the value in what matters. No wasteful sleeves or duplicated packaging.

Premium 3-piece urethane golf balls. Manufactured at the same factories as the big brands you already know… sold to you at the lowest price on the market.

Designed to compete with Titleist ProV1, Callaway Hex Chrome, Vice Pro, and other major tour balls.

Manufactured to maximize your control and feel, all without sacrificing distance.

Lowest all-in price-per-ball in its product category. The Sugar golf UK ball is manufactured using a proprietary, injection-moulded process designed to increase the durability of the urethane while maintaining a soft feel.

Moving on to the Short Game Gains products, developed by Swedish professional Fredrik Lindblom to improve your short game.

The SGG Start Line String - One thing that every good putter on Tour does well, is starting putts on their intended line. The Short Game Gains Start Line String is designed to help you set up a practice station that delivers instant feedback on your ability to start putts on your intended line. It has multiple functions, allowing you to measure your performance as well as keeping your stroke consistent. Most people aren’t sure how to practice to improve, because they aren’t actually sure what they’re doing wrong. The Start Line String is a perfect way to make sure your practice is effective and efficient. SGG Putting String features: •start line •eye line •green reading •swing path •swing length

The SGG Path PerfectorsAs we (should) all know by now, one of the main keys to being a great putter is having an efficient, repeatable stroke. If you don’t have a good stroke path, you’re going to struggle to square the putter face at impact and start the ball on your intended line. The Path Perfectors are designed to help you develop a consistent reliable stroke path and also center contact on the club face. This means a better stroke, better distance control, and in turn, more putts made. What makes the SGG Path Perfectors different? Instead of the usual aluminum or steel that most putting gates are made of, ours are built out of a custom silicone blend. Steel and aluminum not only damage your putter, they’re also loud and a little bit irritating. No one else needs to know that your putting stroke sucks, and reminding them with loud clanking against some gates and chipped paint on your putter is probably not the best way to get an invite to the next scramble tournament.